Pluralsight LIVE Preview!

Hey everyone,

I am currently prepping for my upcoming presentation for Pluralsight Live 2017! For those who don't know, Pluralsight is an online education company offering a bajillion hours (only a mild exaggeration) of courses on a wide variety of software and tech topics. I produce many of their Adobe Premiere Pro courses (and a large, soon-to-be-released Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals course!).

Pluralsight Live is all about technology and emerging trends with multiple keynotes and more than 75 breakout sessions across three days.

My seminar at Pluralsight Live will be "Video Production and Editing for Minimalists." Here's the description:

If you're minimalist who doesn't want to buy 14,000 bulky accessories for your cameras and computer and such, this session is for you. Technology has made tools lighter and smaller, with almost as much utility as their 800-pound counterparts. This session will talk through how to work and travel lightly to become a portable production company and edit on the go.

Basically, I hate carrying a lot of production crap around, so I'm all about finding lightweight alternatives. In 30 minutes, I will be demoing products by Insta360, iOgrapher, Blackmagic Design, and more.

Pluralsight also recently accounced that MICHELLE FREAKIN' OBAMA is going to be a keynote speaker! That's pretty awesome. Can't wait to see that. For you creatives, there will also be a presentation by another well-known Adobe trainer/guru, Jesus Ramirez on "Interconnectivity: The Key to Changing the Future of Creativity & Design." Other speakers include higher ups at Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Oh and XAmbassadors were just announced as the entertainment at the closing party!

I've never been to Salt Lake City before. I'm headed out a couple days early to do some sightseeing in Park City, Utah and also go take my drone for a whirl at Antelope Island State Park. If anyone has any recommendations of other spots to check out while I'm there, let me know!

I know it's coming up pretty soon, but if anyone thought they might be able to make it, make sure to use my discount code, PSLIVE2017COX. And obviously, let me know!

For more general info on Pluralsight LIVE 2017, visit:

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